Wooden Wall Art Design

Beauty Wooden Wall Art

Wooden Wall Art Wood is a powerful decorating material. Whether installed on your floors or walls, wood can make a room look more rustic effortlessly as if you found truth in the field. Rather than emphasize your walls with wooden wall art or wallpaper, installing wooden boards can create a more striking appearance, which most people do not consider immediately. Also effectively hides damaged walls and other eyesores – and no need to be a professional carpenter to install.

Instruction, Spray your walls with the purpose cleaner and pass a cloth over them, removing dust and grease. Measure the height of your walls from below the crown molding to the top of the socket. Record this measurement. Measure your wooden boards to make sure they comply with the measure. Cut out the pieces that are longer with a chainsaw for wooden wall art.

Add a piece of sandpaper 100 grit sandpaper to a power sander tables, only the outer side of each table. Measure the width of the remaining wall space at the end. Knead a small amount of wood putty on the head of each nail. Wooden wall art stained of your choice, applying the dye directly to the wood and letting soak for 20 minutes.

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