White Granite Countertops And Slate

White Granite Countertops Pictures

White granite countertops – Granite and slate are both a rock. The composite tabletop is a material, which typically consists of 95 percent granite or other stone material and 5 percent binder. Composite worktop characteristics are very similar granite worktop. Today there is an increasing tendency to select the entire tops of black polished slate with the mounted sinks. It is not quite as expensive as granite, but is still on the high side.

What countertops are made of stone? Countertops in stone material can withstand very hot pots, pans, etc. Wipe the tabletop of a day, so that no blotches. A white granite countertops is the best choice if you want a countertop that is hardy and easy to maintain. Slate is as good as granite, yet it is not as resistant to acidic foods.

White granite countertops is available in virtually all colors and shades. Slate is available in black or gray and green. Composite Countertops are available in all colors. Granite and composite is an exclusive material that pricewise on the high side. The process is extremely demanding and long lasting, and therefore the price is very high. Slate is also an exclusive material. The polished slate countertop is slightly cheaper than granite.

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