What Is Smokeless Fireplace?

GlassFire Smokeless Fireplace

Smokeless fireplace do not require a chimney or vent. They are also called vent less fireplaces, inventiladas and unvented. The chimneys smokeless fuels include natural gas, propane gas and gels based alcohol; other smokeless fireplaces run on electricity. Because all fuels require oxygen to burn and make it work, no vent less fireplace is truly smokeless except electric models. Smokeless other free low flue gas at home. The fuel burning should be operated with an open window should not be used as the primary heat source or used for more than four hours.

While many stores have home improvement vent less smokeless fireplace, the National Association of Professional Firefighters suggests getting an installation professional for all stationary sources of heat. Check with your state to determine if a building permit is required. Do not buy vent less fireplace that is too powerful for the room.

While vent less fireplaces provide warmth and atmosphere, also involve risks. The National Fire Protection Association suggests keeping combustible materials at least 3 feet (91 cm) away from heating equipment, including portable heaters and smokeless fireplace. Never keep lit to leave the house or go to bed. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings to maintain safety at home.

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