To Change Appearance Travertine Floor Tile

Excellent Travertine Floor Tile

Travertine floor tile – To change the appearance of your travertine floor or cover old paint stains on the tiles help. Remove all furniture from the floor. Ventilate the room by opening windows or running extractors. Paint produce strong fumes that can be harmful if inhaled for long. Clean your travertine tiles with a cloth dipped in turpentine.

Rinse the surface with a cloth dampened with clean water. Let dry travertine. Block any entrances to the room so that no one walks on the wet paint.  First of travertine floor tile with a base coat of latex paint or lacquer. Use a foam roller to spread a thin coat of paint on the surface, applying a uniform layer without roller marks. The roller marks will show through to final coat, so work slowly and methodically to ensure the best look. First the entire floor and allow the primer to dry.

Start with a paint primer or oil-based enamel, depending on the look you want. Glaze travertine give a glossy finish. Use the same method you used with the base layer to achieve a smooth, even layer without roller marks. Painting only a thin layer; multiple thin coats are better than one thick layer. Allow the first coat to dry. Inspect the surface of ponds, brands and overall appearance. Apply tweaks as needed, or applying a second full coat if required by your chosen paint product or for a darker color travertine floor tile.

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