Thick Prefab Granite Countertops

Thick Prefab Granite Countertop

Prefab granite countertops vary in thickness, depending largely on where you want to install. You can ask granite slab granite client if you want, but these are one of the most expensive counters available. Prefabricated versions are made in a factory and are designed to be transported and installed quickly. The one-size-fits-all nature of prefabricated countertops reduce the price dramatically, but makes the size of a concern. For example, a width of 25 inches and a length of 98 inches is common for most large prefabricated slabs. There are also limited thickness options – either a thick or thin version.

Thick prefab granite countertops are 1 1/2 inches thick, and the larger size does bring some benefits. This makes it stronger and less likely to crack or break under stress countertop. But it is also much heavier and more difficult to install, and require additional cabinet supports.

Thick prefab granite countertops  slabs may be subject to a number of variables. The type and color of granite can subtly influence the thickness, creating small differences in measurement. It is also common to the edge of the granite to be thicker than the rest of the surface. Bullnose edges are generally 1 1/4 inches thick compared to the typical 3.4 inch thick slab.

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