Stair Nosing As Sand

Amusing Stair Nosing Decor

Sanding nosing ladder is a necessary process if you plan to refinish stairs or build or replace a ladder. Stair nosing refers to the horizontal wooden planks that your foot makes contact with on a flight of stairs. Sand the nosing ladder allows you to open the grain of the wood so that the nose can better accept paint or stain.

The first step is examining the wooden stair nosing. If the wood looks extremely damage and dirty, place a piece of 60-sanding the bottom of your electric sander. If the wood is new or has only slight wear, put sandpaper under the 100-square electric sander.

Turn on the sander and hold it above the left edge of the stair nosing, aligning the sander up properly with the corners of the timber and allowing the engine sanding a couple of seconds to warm up. Slowly lower the sander for stair nose, moving from left to right.

Continue in this manner, moving the sander back and forth across the stair nose and along the entire length of the curved edge, until you have covered the entire surface. Repeat this process with 220-grit sandpaper and 360-sandpaper. When finished sanding, run portable vacuum around the stair nosing to suck all the polishing powder.

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