Refinish Fake Granite Countertop

Antique Granite Countertop

Granite countertop – If you plan to refinish your faux granite countertops, hire the right preparation strategy for the particular surface you are working with, or flaking will result. Faux granite countertops are available in two styles: laminate and stone. Each of these surfaces is a poor candidate for adhesion. Condition every surface in an appropriate way, or you will have no chance of adhesion. Because countertops are subject to moisture and coercion, they require a durable coating. Choose an attractive coating formulated to stand up to major coercion, or it is completed, will ultimately fail.

Clean faux granite countertop with a strong soap, by means of a coarse sponge. Rinse the soap with damp cloths. Waiting for one to two hours to dry the worktop. Sand the laminate faux granite countertops to increase surface adhesion. Scour these countertops with a low, 180-grit sandpaper until they feel slightly coarse. Protect areas adjacent to the faux granite countertop by covering them with professional painter’s tape. Cover the floor with the heavy dust sheets.

Lubricate laminate faux granite counter tops with melamine primer, using a shed foam cover. Wait at least three hours for melamine primer to dry. Use an acrylic latex primer on stone faux granite countertops. Wash the roller frame and foam cover with water. Lubricate primed faux granite countertop with an acrylic enamel, using the clean foam roller. Wait at least three hours for the enamel to dry. Coat the finished faux granite worktop with a polyurethane sealer, using a sponge brush. Wait at least six hours before placing something on the kitchen table.

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