Quartz Countertops Vs Granite: Which One Do You Prefer?

Colored Quartz Countertops Vs Granite

Quartz countertops vs granite – In this article we discuss use of natural stone for countertops in kitchen. When it comes to stones, there are several options, but well used and common choices are done with granite and quartz. They are usually used because they are affordable compared to other types of natural stone. They are also available in large sizes, which can be cut down to fit large areas — such as countertops.

Quartz countertops vs granite: what your choice? Why Granite? Granite countertops in kitchen can add amazing color and they provide a very interesting look. Granite is a very hard stone and then polished, has a beautiful shine. Granite comes in many different shades and colors that light up. Combined with right color in a kitchen, granite countertops will look great. You could use it as granite countertops and other stone or tile for backsplash. Granite is available in many finishes edge.

Why Quartz? Quartz countertops are also used in various cuisines, and this stone is also found in quarries. Cut in same manner as granite. However, there are some differences of quartz countertops vs granite. For example, there is finish, to consider gloss, and life span of gloss. There are also some differences in bacterial stones. As soon as quartz polished, is impermeable to fluids and bacteria. When it is polished, is non-porous, making it impermeable to liquids and bacteria. When quartz polished, includes its luster indefinitely and not be sealed or treated to retain luster and sheen required. Quartz also comes in more colors and grain styles than most other stones.

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