Pumpkin Painting Ideas For Kids

Adorable Painting Ideas For Kids

When time to decorate your home for Halloween arrives, a common idea is to carve a pumpkin. However, the problem with doing this is that a carved pumpkin often lasts only a few days; if the sculpt long before Halloween, may look soft when the big day arrives. When you think of Halloween, maybe you imagine the traditional pumpkin painting ideas for kids with triangular eyes, a pointed nose and a toothy smile. Instead of cutting these facial features on your pumpkin, make your children draw the design with permanent markers.

Whether you simply draw shapes and fill with black paint or draw him more complicated faces using a variety of colors, there is much room for creativity pumpkin painting ideas for kids. Best of all, these designs will remain in these fruits for a long period of time and not have to clean the dirt that you do with the pulp and seeds.

The image is synonymous with Halloween Frankenstein. While some people may try to carve this terrifying image in your pumpkin painting ideas for kids, you can use paint to make your Frankenstein look more realistic. Use green paint to paint a large head and neck square shape; then, add a creepy and scary eyes in white or yellow.

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