Narrow Mirror Wall Ideas

Narrow Wall Mirror Decorative

Narrow mirror wall – The mirror is a great accessory design, and when placed strategically, they can change the room, making it appear brighter and larger. It is used since old times to improve the design of the wall

Here are some ideas to take advantage of narrow mirror wall and add light to your room, creating depth or highlight an attractive focal point, one that makes the room brighter. Use to increase natural light in the room to hang a mirror opposite the window so that the outside landscape. They are a great alternative to a traditional painting or print.

Puts narrow mirror wall so as not to cause glare. The mirror can be a problem if they are placed opposite the window with western or southern exposure. Then multiply living space. This is a great trick for space, entryways, narrow dining room and main bathroom. For the next is to coordinate the color scheme. That the style, size, and design of the mirror you have to match or enhance the color scheme in your home, for example, if it is rustic, choose a mirror framed with carved wood nice. Something eclectic is a nice touch too. Bronze-colored mirrors make people look younger and healthier.

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