Making Wall Wine Rack

Nice Design Of Modern Wall Wine Rack With Brown Metal String Wine

There are few things as elegant as a wall wine rack. One of the most attractive designs made with wooden lattice. This consists of a series of identical square, diagonal positions, creating diamond shaped areas for wine bottles rest on their sides. You can make your own wine rack with wooden lattice from prefabricated material available in store nearest home improvement. This project is is scale, which means you can do to make it anywhere in your home. Measure the area where you want to install the rack. As this is a rectangular box you need to measure length and height.

Wall wine rack cut 2 pieces of wood 1 by 12 inches (2.54 by 30 cm) to measure length. Cut 2 more for the height. Place a timber with the required length on the workbench. Place a timber for height along one edge to the other wood surface to create a square. Drill 4 holes through both woods.

Wall wine rack already has the outer frame. Now measure the internal dimensions. Four short pieces 1 by 2 inch (2.54 cm by 5) to the inner length of the shelf frame. Cut four more pieces for height measurements. These will be used for the front and rear internal frames.

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