Making Shoe Rack Store

Best Shoe Rack Store Design

Shoe rack store – No need to leave your shoes in a pile by the front door or in your closet when it’s so easy to build a simple and attractive shoemaker. A shoemaker keeps her shoes in pairs and makes the choice of what to wear a breeze. They can also become works of art in itself.

Shoe rack store, cut a 1 inches by 6-inch board and 1 inch by 3-inch board into two pieces 22 inches long each. Wood stain or paint as desired. Attach two small L-brackets for smaller wood pieces, 3 inches from the ends. Attach two L-brackets to the wood pieces larger than 3 inches from the ends.

Shoe rack store, hold the timber wall where you want to hang up and use a level to make sure it’s even. Free arms of the L-brackets should point downward. Mark with a pencil through the holes in the brackets arm. Start with a small shelf, followed by a larger shelf, the second smallest shelf and finally the second shelf. Use the support arms as a guide for spacing the shelves. Use a drill, screws and wall anchors to secure the brackets in the holes marked. To use the racks, insert the tip of his shoes among small and large shelves.

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