Making Fireplace Mantel Kits

Best Fireplace Mantel Kits

Fireplace mantel kits – Fireplaces are popular among buyers. The fireplace evokes a feeling of nostalgia, comfort and family and helps the buyer to associate those feelings with their new home. However, many new homes have blankets (also spelled “cloaks”). Sometimes they have shelves and sometimes the builder has left an empty space blanket so the buyers can select the style of mantle that best suits your taste and budget. One way to create the mantle want to use a blanket kit is designed for easy installation by an owner hand.

Fireplace mantel kits buy and build your mantle kit. Typically, the kit will consist of the upper mantle and two div legs. All pieces are hollow. The top will adhere to the legs using simple brackets and screws to be provided in the kit. Position your mantle mounted centered on the firebox. Place a level on top of the mantle to make sure it is straight and level. Draw the mantle on the wall. This will provide guidance on how to install the mantle. Put the side of the mantle on the ground. The mantle is fixed to the wall with plugs. A fixing system is a piece of board 2 by 4 inch cut to fit inside the hollow part of the upper mantle and each leg.

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