Installing Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Congoleum Vinyl Sheet Flooring With Congoleum Sheet Vinyl Flooring Flooring

Sheet vinyl flooring is a practical, durable and often attractive option for high traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. It is not a big problem to install it yourself, if you have the time and patience. Spread the vinyl sheet, face up, in a large area open. East vinyl in the same direction as the space to be filled.

Using a tape measure and a ruler, mark the dimensions of the plant in the sheet vinyl flooring with a score of non-permanent felt tip. It’s a good idea to let one or two extra inches in their measurements and then cut to fit exactly once the vinyl is in place. Double check measurements.

Cut the sheet vinyl flooring to the shape of the plant using a ruler and a knife floors. Take your time at this stage. Small mistakes along the edges can be covered with the setting, but a serious mistake can be costly. Clean the pen marks with a damp sponge. Re-roll the vinyl, making sure the rear wheel is clean while. Take the vinyl place going to put the new floor. Sweep or vacuum the floor, cleaning of all dirt and small debris. Unroll the sheet vinyl floor and dried form.

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