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October 13, 2018 Home Ideas

Installing a Steel Pegboard Cement

Steel pegboard – Cement board (commonly called base plates) provide strong surface, solid for all types of tiles. The most common use of cement base is in the bathrooms to create the wall where the shower is on. Base plates resistant to water, make sure the water does not pass through the base plate and cause moisture damage and mold. The best part of base plates is that they can be installed on wooden poles and steel poles. With the right tools and addresses you can quickly install the base plates of steel poles. Measure the wall where you are installing the base plate. Cut the base plate to size with a circular saw. Select the location of the steel studs on the floor and ceiling with a pencil.

Adorable Steel Pegboard

Adorable Steel Pegboard

Place the steel pegboard structure reinforcement steel posts. Have an assistant firmly grasp the base plate against the studs. Screw the base plate onto the bolts. Place a screw in each corner of the base plate with a drill to hold it in place. Use screws 1-1 / 4 inches supporting board to secure it in place. Make sure the screws on the corners are half an inch away from the shore. Set screw every six inches along the steel pegboard studs. Put a constant pressure on the drill as it circulates the screw, since the steel stud push the screw, unlike the studs.

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Image of: Adorable Steel Pegboard
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Place the remaining pieces of the base plates using the same technique. Ensure that the joints between pieces are as tight as possible. Over joints between pieces of base plates with tile adhesive. Spread a thin layer of tile adhesive on the flat seams. Covering the adhesive joint filled with fiberglass tape. Spread a thin final layer of tile adhesive on the fiberglass tape to cover it. Allow the tile adhesive dry for at least 12 hours before laying tiles on cement-based plates.

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