Ideas For Painting Accent Walls

Best Painting Accent Walls

Painting accent walls – Encourages an accent wall a room, giving it a striking appearance. It is ideal to include a bold color paint or paint effect in a space without overwhelming the room shape. An accent wall can also be used to highlight a focal architectural element or feature, or to provide a backdrop for a collection to be shown.

A wall that has an architectural element such as a fireplace or built shelves is ideal for a painting accent walls. The largest wall in a room or wall is seen for the first time to enter a room is another candidate for an accent wall. Another candidate is a wall having a key piece of furniture such as a bed or sofa, or a collection.

Painting accent walls can have a paint color. For example, pink may be too bright for use in an entire room, but showing in an accent wall adds a bright burst of color into space and immediately draws the eye wall. Alternatively, paint the accent wall with a mural or a function of a special painting technique such as sponge painting or glass. While they are not part of the accent wall, the other walls of the room to add visual interest accent wall and the room as a whole.

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