Ideas For DIY Stair Treads

Excellent Diy Stair Treads

DIY stair treads – Steps are more commonly called steps or stages. The frames on either side of the stairs that keeps them called stringers. Whether you are building new or reconstructing old stairs, treads become an important part of the project. They are also the easiest part of the project to create and install. Building a complete set of stairs is a task most people measuring knowledge and eye for detail can achieve.

DIY stair treads, measure the width between the side panels using the tape measure. Stringers are what make up the sides of the stairs. If the staircase is between the walls, to measure the wall to wall. If the stairs are open, add 1 inch to your measurement from the stringer to the stringer. This determines the length of the steps. Place a 2-by-10-inch board flat 10-inch upwards. Measuring from one end of the board for the length of the tread by using the measurement information in stair width. Mark where the measurement ends.

After that ideas for DIY stair treads, draw a line of 10-inch side with a straight edge. Cut the board along the line drawn with a circular saw. This is the first tread. Set the cut piece on top of the remaining portion of the board. Do the ends flush? Draw a line across the larger board with the cut end of the smaller piece as a guide. Remove the smaller piece. Cut the larger piece along the line with the circular saw. Repeat this step for each tread is needed. Pick up the steps. Set steps in place on the stringers so that steps lie flat. Remove the rough edges and corners steps with a belt sander. Sand and the front edge of each tread.

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