How to Stacked Stone Fireplace

Oct 5th

As more people discover the ease of entertaining in your backyard, the popularity of outdoor fireplaces has increased. Outdoor fireplaces offers an ideal environment. Building a stacked stone fireplace is difficult but rewarding. Prepare the work area. Put a stake through the heart of the work. The use of a line, spray paint three rings representing the inner wall, the outer wall and wall slabs.

Elegant Stacked Stone Fireplace
Elegant Stacked Stone Fireplace

Dig a 1 foot concrete footings; it should be 6 inches deep, between the two inner circles. Fold the rebar on 2 rings and twist the wire together. Place the holes of 6 inch rebar. Fill the space with concrete. Smooth with a trowel finishing and let stand. Build the inner wall for stacked stone fireplace. Choose stones that fit perfectly together. Place the stones on the ground in a pattern with lots of contrast. Join the stones with mortar. Try to keep the top of the stones as level as possible. Press the panel grilled perfectly in place.

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Create a wall outside the inner wall repeating step 3 (disregarding the grille panel). Apply mortar to all stones for stacked stone fireplace, including the outer edges. Once the mortar has set, apply varnish slabs. Remove any setting that is around the fireplace, and apply a weatherproof barrier.

Trends Stacked Stone Fireplace

A stacked stone fireplace with built-in cabinets combines style and functionality. This design can use natural or painted wood. The face of stacked stone complements a wraparound wooden fireplace. The envelope of wood can be custom designed to suit your personal taste. The in-built cabinets can also be custom designed. A design idea built cabinets is to place shelves above the fireplace and include storage space underneath, with a removable swivel TV and multimedia support. Another idea is to show photo books and wardrobes wooden shelves above or on the sides of the chimney.

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Stacked stone fireplace ads curb appeal to an otherwise drab entrance. Flank the front walkway and porch area this cozy natural border. Any variety, thin flat stone will give the wall a perfect fit and extra strength to accommodate a bed soil for planting. Try mixing flagstone, sandstone and field stone to pick colors for your home and landscape.

Stacked stone fireplace creates natural barriers and looks at home in an atmosphere of grasses and trees, native grasses and wildflowers. Stack of dry stone field or set mortar. The curves of stone wall of stacked field will be a feature rustic landscape to enjoy in the coming years.