How To Paint Accent Wall

Modern Paint Accent Wall

Paint accent wall is easy once you determine the colors that you use. However, find out what kind of color is right for you rooms is a little work. Choose colors that go with the decor of your room and collect the room while grabbing attention. Accent walls are designed to be the focal point of the room, or to call attention to another focal point.

Instructions to paint accent wall: select the wall to paint the accent wall. Determine the color scheme you want for the wall. Choosing a color and paint all the walls in this range of color in a monochromatic paint scheme.

Choose a gloss paint and wall art accent. A brighter glow makes the wall stands out more when the other three walls are matte. Also, consider accent wall textured or patterned with stripes, images or labels. An accent wall that has a bold color and designs, such as a wall of purple with gray bird stickers really will draw the eye.

Finally, to paint accent wall, the wall by fix any defects with drywall compound and sandpaper. Wash the wall and let it dry. Apply a tinted primer first and allow drying for 36 hours. Follow the paint color. Add a second layer. Let it dry well.

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