How To Paint A Brick Fireplace Makeover

Fireplace Makeover Ideas Tile

If you want to give your brick fireplace makeover, consider painting it. If the brick is old, just want to arrange the room, paint is a quick way to fix the problem. Properly prepare the use of brick and paint application correctly helps to ensure that the final product looks good and the paint adheres to the surface. Scrape any loose. Fill a bucket with 1 gallon of warm water. Add about 1 tablespoon, dishwashing soap and mix well. Wipe the chimney thoroughly with a stiff brush and hot soapy water.

Tape from all areas surrounding the brick with masking tape. Pour oil based primer into a paint tray with a liner. Roll of the primer on the surface of the brick work from top to bottom and in a horizontal manner. Dip a brush into the primer. Rub the brush on the edge of the tray to remove excess paint fireplace makeover.

Apply a second coat of primer fireplace makeover after the first is dry. Allow the second coat to dry completely. Paint the mortar joints and other cracks with 2 ½ inch brush. Allow the paint to dry completely according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply a second coat of paint brick.

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