How To Install Stone Veneer Fireplace

Stone Veneer Fireplace Ideas

If you have do-it-yourself experience, you can install a stone veneer fireplace in your home. Cover the chimney with a layer of felt builder. Lay the fabric flat with staples. Start at the bottom of the chimney and work your way up. Allow around 2 inches of felt builder. Set the mortar metal lath on the constructor of felt using staples. Mix mortar plate until it is the consistency of creamy peanut butter. Spread a layer of 1/2-inch mortar plate on the bar, making sure to cover the bar at all. Smooth the mortar with a trowel. Allow the mortar bond coat with dry overnight. To install the stone veneer fireplace, start with the top of the fireplace opening and then make the sides of the opening. Next, cover the sides of the chimney and finish with the rest of the field. Work up and down. Mix additional mortar. Spray the back of the first stone with water slightly. Butter the back with mortar and then set the stone veneer fireplace in place. Push the stone until it clicks into the scratch coat. Repeat this process with the remaining stones. Allow the mortar to dry. Fill a bag of mortar mixed to the consistency of pudding mortar.

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