How To Install Rubber Floor Tiles

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Installing rubber floor tiles will provide a soft feel, while maintaining up wear. Clean the sub-soil that you are putting rubber tiles on top of. Make sure it is smooth, dry and free of any dirt and debris. There should be no dust, paint, wax, oil, grease or similar material on the ground before installing rubber tile floor. Test for moisture and pH do if you are installing rubber floor in concrete to ensure no moisture in the soil.

Remove the rubber floor tiles and boxes sitting in the living room to acclimate to room temperature for two to four days. This will ensure that the soil sit without problems during installation. Separate room into four equal sections. Use a tape measure to locate the focal point of the room so you can divide correctly. Use chalk to outline the four sections of the room.

Begin laying rubber floor tiles at the corner of one of the four sections. You’re just laying the tiles without glue. Place the tiles in a pyramid pattern. Continue laying tile by working your way from the center of the room, completing one section at a time. Lift the tiles up one by one and apply an adhesive rubber flooring. Although there are several types available, it is recommended that you use either an acrylic-based adhesive or epoxy based for best results.

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