How To Hang Frameless Wall Mirror

Bathroom Frameless Wall Mirror

Frameless wall mirror is one of the cheapest way you can make your place look bigger. Follow these simple steps and you can put a mirror on the wall as heavy as a do-it-yourself project. Learn how to do it safely and avoid seven years of bad luck accompanying a broken mirror.

Decide where to place your frameless wall mirror. Look at the area and see if the wall is strong enough to hold a mirror heavy. Mark the spot where hard to put the mirror. To do this, place the flat side of the mirror on the wall where you want to insert.

Use a carpenter’s level to see if the mirror is at ground level. Then, using the knee or with the help of another, hold the mirror in place while you mark the four corners of the mirror. Put aside your leaning against a wall and free to proceed to the next stage mirror.

Since you’re using a frameless wall mirror will have four clips. Place the mirror clips along the bottom of the badge you did before. After placing the mirror clips, mark the hole in the mirror clips. Repeat the steps above to find the pin. Before screwing the clip mirror top, place the right framework mirrors without mirror clips on the bottom. Tighten the clips to keep the best frameless mirror instead.

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