Guideline To Install Maple Laminate Flooring

Maple Laminate Flooring B&Q

Maple laminate flooring – Laminate flooring comes in a variety of finishes and colors. While installing real maple floors can be expensive, maple laminate flooring is cheaper. Maple finished laminate flooring helps homeowners receive maple beautiful look without the high cost.

Concrete floors must be leveled by filling low spots with leveling compound (follow manufacturer’s instructions) and grinding high points with a cement mill. Trim door frames so the laminate flooring to slide under the molding. Place a piece of maple laminate flooring top of a small piece of foam coating and set it beside the door frames. Sweep the floor with a broom. Install the foam coating. Roll out in the same direction you are installing the laminate planks. Glue the seams with packing or duct tape.

Install the first table. Place a spacer quarter-inch between the wall and the plank maple laminate flooring. Cut the end of the row to size with a miter saw. Continue rolling installation, make sure to stagger the joints as you go. Cut the end of each row with a miter saw and leave an expansion space of 1/4-inch gap between the floor and walls or obstructions. Use a wood block and hammer to tap each board in place until it “clicks” together. Measure the space for the last piece with a tape measure and subtract the expansion joint. Cut the piece on a table saw and install a drawbar. Install the baseboard molding to hide the expansion joint. Use a nail gun to nail the baseboards in place above ground.

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