Fireplace Candle Holder

Beautiful Fireplace Candle Holder Ideas

Lamps fireplace candle holder ease of a lamp combined with the traditional atmosphere of a candle. The candle is placed on top of a stand which forms the base of the lamp. A fireplace or shade protects the flame of a candle. Hurricane lamps are a very common form of lamp fireplace candle holder. Others have bases that take the form of figures or buildings. Old lamp fireplace candle holder preserves traditional craftsmanship and artistic ideals. Price Range An ornate Tiffany example features a fireplace febrile iridescent glass on top of the legs of very high winding metal. Tiffany Febrile produced fireplace candle holder crystal lamps can sell for $ 1.500 $ 1.800 or more. At the opposite end of the spectrum, a painted bronze chandelier with heavy frosted glass shade is available for less than $ 10 on a site like eBay or Berate. Sail Shadow is an essential part of the lamp fireplace candle holder. Victorian ladies did an art of creating their own fabric and paper screens. The strong light of new electric lamps inspired similar parts for candles. Many were of silk and chiffon, and very decorated with glass beads, artificial flowers and bows

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