Elegant And Contemporary Loveseat

Contemporary Loveseat Style

Contemporary loveseat is modern minimalist design makes it an elegant sofa bed, perfect for everyday use. Ideal in a space with modern design, it has always prepared us your comfortable bed 180 x 110 cm, easy to open thanks to its mechanism Clic.

In the form of “U”, you can combine contemporary loveseat and armchair you will create a pleasant space to share, chat, and watch TV or snack. If you put a table in the center of the composition you will still give more functionality to this space. Remember that traffic areas should be about 80 cm between furniture and 40 cm between the table and the sofa.

In the form of “L”.  If we have two sofas in a hall square, it is appropriate to place them at an angle. The sofas are going to help to divide the environments between the lounge area and the dining area. To distinguish these environments can also use differentiated lighting or carpets.

If you have two contemporary loveseat of the same size and style you can put face to face with a coffee table between them. This arrangement is ideal for creating an atmosphere for conversation and for square and wide spaces. The separation between the two sofas must be at least 150m

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