DIY Reupholstering A Reclining Accent Chair

Stylish Reclining Accent Chair

Reclining accent chair – Whether your accent chair looking old and weathered or you simply want to change the look of the chair, reupholstering it will transform. Also, if you are thinking about replacing your chair reupholstering it’s cheaper than having a whole new chair purchase. Choose a fabric and design that fits within the overall theme of your room.

Reupholstering a reclining accent chair, Choose an upholstery fabric that is stain resistant and with the look of your living space. Selecting a striped fabric that matches the color scheme in your living room – although it is best for beginners to easily rather than to keep stripes or other pattern matches the upholstery fabric. Use pliers to the staples and nails to remove the old fabric in place. Place the old fabric on top of your new material and cut around it, leaving about 2 centimeters extra fabric on all sides.

Add new batting to the chair, the arms and the back of the chair, if necessary. Use a staple gun to his batting to take place. Start with the back of the chair. Pull the new fabric piece taut and staple it to the back and sides of the wooden frame of the chair. Pull the fabric tight on the chair seat and staple under the seat of the chair. Place the fabric on the arms of your reclining accent chair, as them. From the back of the chair, fold one-third of the matter forward and pull it tight. Line up welting or trimming on the seams of the seat and use a glue gun to attach it to the chair.

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