Decorate A Rustic Cottage Living Room

Rustic Cottage Living Room Decor

Rustic cottage living room – There are no specific color palettes or furniture styles for this style, making it flexible as far as what colors and items that you choose. You have the freedom to go with items you love and make a living room which is more like a retreat than anything else. Let your imagination rule as you think of ways to suit your style and the comfort of the holiday look together.

Decorate a rustic cottage living room, Choose colors that you feel comfortable when you make your living room. Colors / cottages are muted so warm and relaxed nature of the style. Gold, green, yellow and blue colors. Choose furniture pieces that work with your style. Distressed furniture is a favorite because it adds character to your living room. Oak and pine trees also enhance the relaxed cottage look. Or wrought iron furniture with ironwork in the details is another alternative that help create a comfortable atmosphere in cottage rooms. Select materials with controlled, floral or striped patterns to go with your favorite solid colors.

Hang window treatments that coordinate with the substances you use in your living room. Combine modern accessories with antiques. A quilt used as a remote character to add to your living room. Iron lamps use with lace doilies for a rustic cottage living room look that is interesting and cozy. Accessorize to give your living room with floral arrangements and plants a sense of balance with nature.

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