Clean Heat With Bio Ethanol Fireplace

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Bio ethanol fireplace – It has always fascinated mankind fire. The most common materials used today for today are coal, oil and wood. Materials which have the disadvantage of producing gaseous thereby posing a burden on our environment.

These new fireplaces run on bio ethanol, a product considered ecological and does not pollute the air or the ground. Its base is renewable resources that grow back every year.

Bio ethanol fireplace besides providing heat cleanly are ideal for placement where you want it at home and need neither shot nor smoke extractor. Many models are available for placement in the wall or in a traditional way on the ground. For those on a conventional fireplace and are interested in this way of enjoying the fire also have a solution that is easily integrated thus turning its conventional fireplace into an ecological fireplace.

Its modern design of bio ethanol fireplace facilitates integration into existing furniture also becoming a decorative product that will appeal to all your friends.

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